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V. Bühlmann:
in: "Posthuman Glossary", R. Braidotti, M. Hlavajova (ed.); Bloomsbury Academic, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-350-03024-4, 273 - 277.

English abstract:
"'Thought interferes with the probability of events, and, in the long run, therefore, with entropy' (Watson 1930: 220-2, cited in Gleick 2011). The term 'negentropy' is born from this very situation. It was introduced by Schrödinger to distinguish biological systems from physical systems, and then generalized by Léon Brillouin into the domain of information theory. The perspective from which it will be discussed here situates the term in a certain problematic: the central paradigm of empirical experiments for science, and how the algebraic encryption of quanta in quantum physics interfere with non-probabilistic practices of measuring and counting in this paradigm. ..."

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