A. Hable, C. Ramsl, E. Jericha, H. Böck, T. Randriamalala, M. Rossbach:
"Determination of integral fast fission cross sections (n,f) of 238U, 237Np, and 242Pu in a directed fission neutron beam at FRM II, Garching";
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 314 (2017), S. 1471 - 1476.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Small samples of 238U, 237Np, and 242Pu were irradiated in a focused beam of fission neutrons at the Forschungsneutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz, FRM II in Garching, Germany. Decay measurements after irradiation revealed a number of fission products produced. Using tabulated cumulative fission yields enabled determination of integral fission cross sections of the isotopes. Cross sections (n,f) for 238U, 237Np and 242Pu were determined as 0.38 ± 0.04, 3.17 ± 0.25, and 2.15 ± 0.30 barn respectively.

Reactor fission neutrons / Fission cross section of 238U, 237Np and 242Pu / Cumulative fission yield / Fast neutron prompt gamma spectroscopy (FaNGaS)

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