N. Dzigal, E. Chinea-Cano, S. Walsh, A. Limbeck:
"Revisiting the fission track method for the analysis of particles in safeguards environmental samples";
Talanta, 167 (2017), S. 583 - 592.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper details an improved approach to environmental particle analysis for safeguards by means of a combination of an upgraded version of the so-called fission track method with state-of-the-art microscope and microprobe techniques. Improvements to the fission track method comprise a novel sample assembly, the automation of several of its steps and the extensive use of correlative microscopy. This is followed by an automated isolation of particles-of-interest by means of laser micro-dissection (LMD) and their collection onto a harvester for transfer to other micro-analytical instruments for further analysis. The samples examined in this contribution were analysed for their nuclear material signatures, in particular the presence of uranium isotopes. The length of a single analysis cycle herewith was reduced to 12 days.

Uranium microparticles, isotopic composition, fission track, LA-ICP-MS

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