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J. Kreyca, E. Kozeschnik:
"Temperature-dependent strain hardening, precipitation and deformationinduced microstructure evolution in AA 6061";
Materials Science and Engineering A, 708 (2017), 411 - 418.

English abstract:
The effect of β′′ precipitation on strain hardening and yield stress evolution in an A6061 aluminium alloy is
studied experimentally and through thermokinetic computer simulation. Samples were deformed by compression
at temperatures from 25 to 500 C to strains of about 0.4 and three different precipitation states. Simulations
on the thermal stability of β′′ are conducted on an equivalent model Al-Mg-Si alloy resulting in an explanation
for the experimentally observed softening at intermediate temperatures. EBSD micrographs confirm that different
dislocation storage and annihilation mechanisms are operative at low and high temperatures. The low
temperature microstructure correlates very well with the subgrain structures typically observed during stage IV
strain hardening.

Stress/strain measurements / Modelling/simulations / Aluminium alloys

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