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R. Schnitzer, D. Zügner, P. Haslberger, W. Ernst, E. Kozeschnik:
"Influence of alloying elements on the mechanical properties of high-strength weld metal";
Science and Technology of Welding and Joining, Volume 22 (2017), 6; 536 - 543.

English abstract:
High-strength lightweight constructions are a crucial part of transportation systems and steel constructions optimised for low energy consumption. In this investigation, the aim is to understand the influence of different alloying elements on the mechanical properties of all-weld metal samples of high-strength filler metals. Metal-cored wires with adjusted chemistry were produced and the measured yield strength is compared with calculated values which were obtained by thermodynamic and kinetic simulations. By increasing the content of the matrix alloying elements, no increase in strength could be achieved, but compared to that, higher strength was obtained by the addition of Ti, Nb and Al in combination. Furthermore, the influence of different Ti, Al and N contents is presented and discussed.

High-strength steels, metal-cored wires, alloy development, tensile testing, notched impact testing, simulation

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