Contributions to Proceedings:

B. Guba:
"Structure Follows Strategy: Transformation Process at the Vienna University of Technology Library";
in: "2017 IATUL Proceedings", issued by: International Association of Technical University Libraries; Purdue University Repository, o.O., 2017, 7 pages.

English abstract:
To remain a relevant part of the academic experience, a library must be adaptable and focus on offering the proper blend of services in a rapidly changing environment. The library organizational structure is key to this process: It ensures that services are provided efficiently while at the same time reflecting and highlighting the library´s strategic approach. When organizational structure is allowed to develop organically over time, it may at some point no longer meet current expectations and require deeper intervention.
This presentation focuses on the organizational transformation initiated by the new library director at the Vienna University of Technology Library. We aimed to increase the library´s level of institutional embeddedness and to expand its service portfolio in the areas of publication and research support. The process was launched during the transition to a new library software; there was very little time for employee involvement, so a concise workshop format was used to draw up measures that would allow us to achieve strategic change.
The process provided an opportunity to develop a best-practice model for the benefit of other departments, as it took place against the background of a university-wide reorganization, and it was supported and monitored by the university´s Human Resources Development & Health Department. The preliminary outcomes and lessons learned were presented at the conference.

reorganization, strategy, institutional embeddedness, change management

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