ö. Sen, M.N. Durakbasa, H. Erdol, T. Berber, G. Bas, U. Sevik:
"Implementation of Digitalization In Food Industry";
in: "DAAAM International Scientific Book 2017", 1; B. Katalinic (Hrg.); DAAAM International Vienna, Wien, 2017, (eingeladen), ISBN: 978-3-902734-12-9, S. 91 - 104.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Due to the increase in world population along with changing customer demands and market dynamics, new challenges are arising for the food production industry. Novel approaches based on digitalization, smart manufacturing and the cognitive factory that are announced for transition to Industry 4.0., are compatibly required in the food production to meet the present and future needs effectively and reliably. Therefore, in this study, we modeled and implemented an integrated system of wireless sensor network (WSN), cloud and big data in the scope of future food production process, which will collect, transform and process the sensor data of the
production line of a real food production facility. This approach targets higher efficiency, productivity, quality in addition to improving asset utilization by optimized resource management and waste. Furthermore, the addition of statistical methodologies and presenting the results via a web-based real-time data display applications will offer a high level of user interaction and monitoring in digital smart manufacturing that provides flexibility, efficiency and quality of production process.

Digitalization, statistics, IoT, cloud computing, WSN

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