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A. Schirrer, G. Aschauer, S. Jakubek:
"Comparison of real-time models for high-fidelity hardware-in-the-loop catenary emulation in a high-dynamic pantograph test rig";
in: "X International Conference on Structural Dynaics, EURODYN 2017", 199; herausgegeben von: Procedia Engineering; Elsevier, 2017, S. 3290 - 3295.

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To optimally test and further develop train current collectors (pantographs) under laboratory conditions, realistic virtual test rides have to be emulated by suitable test rig setups. Physically meaningful results from such tests can only be obtained when employing a high-fidelity virtual catenary model. Its dynamics must be computed in real time to respond to the actual pantograph, and its response behaviour is being emulated by the test rig.The rich catenary system dynamics are described by partial differential equations (derived from Euler-Bernoulli beam theory), approximated (finite differences (FD), finite elements (FE)) and solved numerically. This work assesses model efficiency of such real-time-capable catenary models.

In particular, a novel realtime-capable FE catenary model in moving coordinates is analyzed and compared to fixed-coordinate FE and FD formulations. Wave propagation properties and simulation results show high accuracy and efficiency of the studied model formulation.

catenary modeling, finite-element, finite-difference, catenary modeling

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