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A. Schöbel, J. Aksentijevic, M. Stefan, J. Blieberger:
"Optimization of rail traffic flow using Kronecker algebra during maintenance on infrastructure";
Transportation Research Procedia, 27 (2017), 545 - 552.

English abstract:
Within the project DESTination Rail, funded by the H2020 programme, a task is dedicated to the development of a tool for rail traffic flow optimization during maintenance work. On a single track line, priority is set for as much work as possible to be done in one time slot between two trains; moreover, there are even cases of the timetable modification for the more efficient maintenance work. For the developed bottleneck section, it is of great importance to have an efficient usage of capacity, for which mathematical framework called Kronecker Algebra has been selected as a methodology for the optimization of the speed profile of approaching trains. By adjusting the timetable and speed profile, trains are enabled to pass the bottleneck section exactly at the allowed speed limit to keep occupation time as short as possible and minimize energy consumption. The application of this algorithm will be shown on the case study of Northern line on the Irish railway network where energy consumption was reduced by 3% using optimization of the driving strategy. Finally, using Kronecker algebra, optimal timetable with the minimal delays during maintenance work on one section has been constructed.

Kronecker algebra, rail traffic flow optimization, rescheduling

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