W. Auzinger, J. Burkotova, I. Rachunkova, V. Wenin:
"Shooting methods for state-dependent impulsive boundary value problems, with applications";
Applied Numerical Mathematics, 128 (2018), S. 217 - 229.

Kurzfassung englisch:
For impulsive boundary value problems whose solutions encounter disconti-nuities (jumps) at a priori not known positions depending on the solution itself, numerical methods have not been considered so far. We extend the well-known shooting approach to this case, combining Newton iteration with the numerical solution of impulsive initial value problems. We discuss condi-tions necessary for the procedure to be well-de˝ned, and we present numerical results for several examples obtained with an experimental code realized in MATLAB.1

nonlinear boundary value problems, state-dependent impulses, shooting method

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