D. Murschenhofer, D. Kuzdas, S. Braun, S. Jakubek:
"A real-time capable quasi-2D proton exchange membrane fuel cell model";
Energy Conversion and Management, 162 (2018), S. 159 - 175.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper a dynamic proton exchange membrane fuel cell model for real-time applications is presented. Following a quasi-2D
approach, effects such as multicomponent diffusion in porous layers, membrane water transport driven by diffusion and electro-
osmotic drag as well as membrane nitrogen crossover forced by partial pressure differences, are considered. A linearization of the
governing equations with respect to the previous time step is applied to avoid numerically expensive Newton iterations and to speed
up the simulation. Furthermore, a solution method based on Chebyshev collocation minimizes the required number of nodes and
assures real-time capability. The model is validated in terms of polarization curves, current density and species distribution versus
steady-state computational fluid dynamics simulations of a 3D fuel cell performed in AVL Fire(TM). The transient behavior is found
to be in good qualitative agreement with results published by other authors. Due to the fast computation capability of the presented
model, it is suitable for widespread parameter studies, control unit adjustments or state predictions, e.g. fuel starvation or membrane
drying and flooding.

proton exchange membrane fuel cell, real-time capability, dynamic fuel cell model, spectral methods, linearization scheme

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