M. Seifner, M. Sistani, F. Porrati, G. Di Prima, P. Pertl, M. Huth, A. Lugstein, S. Barth:
"Direct Synthesis of Hyperdoped Germanium Nanowires";
ACS Nano, 12 (2018), S. 236 - 241.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A low-temperature chemical vapor growth of Ge nanowires using Ga as seed material is demonstrated. The structural and chemical analysis reveals the homogeneous incorporation of ∼3.5 at. % Ga in the Ge nanowires. The Ga-containing Ge nanowires behave like metallic conductors with a resistivity of about ∼300 μΩcm due to Ga hyperdoping with electronic contributions of one-third of the incorporated Ga atoms. This is the highest conduction value observed by in situ doping of group IV nanowires reported to date. This work demonstrates that Ga is both an efficient seed material at low temperatures for Ge nanowire growth and an effective dopant changing the semiconductor into a metal-like conductor.

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