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J. Wang, S. Stanic, A. Altun, K. Dietliker, M. Schwentenwein, L. Jin, J. Stampfl, S. Baudis, R. Liska, H. Grützmacher:
"A highly efficient waterborne photoinitiator for visible-light-induced three-dimensional printing of hydrogels";
Chemical Communications, 54 (2018), 920 - 923.

English abstract:
A bis(acyl)phosphane oxide (BAPO) photoinitiator was conveniently synthesized in an efficient one-pot process. It shows excellent dispersibility in water, good storage stability, and high photo-reactivity in 3D printing of hydrogels under visible-light irradiation (460 nm).

bis(acyl)phosphane oxide (BAPO) photoinitiator, dispersibility in water, high photo-reactivity, 3D printing, hydrogels

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