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A. Psenner, K. Kodydek:
"Urban Parterre Modelling UPM: Lifting the Cadastral Map to the Third Dimension";
in: "REAL CORP 2018 Proceedings; Expanding Cities - Diminishing Space", herausgegeben von: Manfred SCHRENK, Vasily V. POPOVICH, Peter ZEILE, Pietro ELISEI, Clemens BEYER; Real Corp, Wien, 2018, ISBN: 978-3-9504173-5-7, S. 735 - 743.

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As conventional cadastral maps only show building perimeters, they contain no information about the city's internal structure-about the complex interplay of architecture and its socio-economical use. Thus, urban planning seems to spare little thought for what really takes place inside the buildings lining a street, although we perfectly know that the potentials of ground floor use and the structure of the correlating public street space are directly related.
The Urban Parterre Modelling UPM-method refers to the city's "parterre" as a holistic urban system: it covers both built-up and non-built-up areas. Thus street, ground floor and courtyard are treated as entity, so that their interrelations can come to light. Technically the method represents the merging of a common 3D-city-model and a Comprehensive Ground Plan Survey CGPS-a researching technique used in the 1960s until the late 1990s (throughout Europe, but mostly in Italy, France and Switzerland).

StadtParterre; Ground Floor Use; Urban Space Research; Vienna

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