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S. Rizkalla, C. Mecklenbräuker, R. Müller:
"Direction of Arrival Estimation using Dual LASSO with Reed-Solomon Error Evaluation Algorithms";
Talk: 2018 Information Thoery and Applications Workshop, San Diego, USA; 02-11-2018 - 02-16-2018.

English abstract:
The directions of arrival (DOA) of several plane waves can be estimated by solving the complex-valued LASSO. We propose a new method for estimating the DOA based on solving the dual LASSO instead. This provides soft information on the active source locations. We utilize this information through Reed-Solomon error evaluation algorithms, e.g., the Gorenstein-Zierler or Iterative Erasure Evaluation algorithms. There is no channel encoding implemented in this DOA problem. However, we show that applying the Gorenstein-Zierler algorithm to the dual LASSO solution leads to improved DOA estimates compared to conventional LASSO.

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