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S. Schwarz:
"Robust Full-Dimension MIMO Transmission Based on Limited Feedback Angular-Domain CSIT";
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2018 (2018), 1.

English abstract:
In this paper, we propose robust multi-user beamforming and precoding techniques for full-dimension MIMO
transmission based on limited feedback. We propose to employ an over-complete basis decomposition in the angular
domain to approximate the channel matrices as sums of few dominant specular components, facilitating efficient
channel state information (CSI) quantization at the users. The selected expansion vectors of such a sparse
approximation, parametrized by azimuth and elevation angles, are relatively robust with respect to channel
estimation errors as well as channel variations over time. Based on this CSI feedback, we propose incoherent
beamforming/precoding methods that make use only of the azimuth and elevation angles as well as the norm of the
expansion coefficients and do not rely on coherent multipath interference to eliminate inter-user interference. Our
optimization aims at maximizing the signal power or the achievable rate of a user, while limiting the amount of
interference leakage caused to other users. To further improve robustness, we account for uncertainty in the angular
channel decomposition in the proposed precoder optimization.

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