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S. Schwarz:
"Remote Radio Head Assignment and Beamforming in Dynamic Distributed Antenna Systems";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Communications, Kansas City, USA; 05-20-2018 - 05-24-2018; in: "Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications", (2018), ISSN: 1938-1883; 1 - 6.

English abstract:
In this paper, we consider a network architecture
that supports dynamic allocation of remote radio heads (RRHs)
amongst macro base stations, e.g., over dynamically established
wireless fronthaul links or a reconfigurable wired fronthaul
network. This architecture is similar to cloud radio access
networks, yet with the difference that we rely on existing macro
base stations rather than outsourcing them to the cloud. We
propose a mixed-integer second order cone program (MISOCP)
for RRH assignment amongst base stations and joint coordinated
beamforming within the dynamically formed distributed antenna
systems (DASs); we denote this network architecture as dynamic
distributed antenna system (dDAS). Our optimization focuses on
minimizing the number of users that are in outage. We propose
several relaxations of our optimization problem to determine
suboptimal solutions with much reduced computational complexity.
We compare the performance of the dDASs to classical
heterogeneous networks that employ coordinated beamforming
of independent small cells rather than RRHs, demonstrating
substantial improvements in terms of outage probability.

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