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E. Daus, A. Jüngel, B. Quoc Tang:
"Exponential time decay of solutions to reaction-cross-diffusion systems of Maxwell-Stefan type";
in: "ASC Report 8/2018", issued by: Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing; Vienna University of Technology, Wien, 2018, 1 - 43.

English abstract:
The large-time asymptotics of weak solutions to Maxwell-Stefan diffusion systems for chemically reacting fluids with different molar masses and reversible reactions are investigated. The diffusion matrix of the system is generally neither symmetric nor positive definite, but the equations admit a formal gradient-flow structure which provides entropy (free energy) estimates. The main result is the exponential decay to the unique equilibrium with a rate that is constructive up to a finite-dimensional inequality. The key elements of the proof are the existence of a unique detailed-balanced equilibrium and the derivation of an inequality relating the entropy and the entropy production. The main difficulty comes from the fact that the reactions are represented by molar fractions while the conservation laws hold for the concentrations. The idea is to enlarge the space of n partial concentrations by adding the total concentration, viewed as an independent variable, thus working with n ` 1 variables. Further results concern the existence of global bounded weak solutions to the parabolic system and an extension of the results to complex-balanced systems.

Strongly coupled parabolic systems, Maxwell-Stefan systems, global existence

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