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E. Soodmand, D. Kluess, P. Varady, R. Cichon, M. Schwarze, D. Gehweiler, F. Niemeyer, D. Pahr, M. Woiczinski:
"Interlaboratory comparison of femur surface reconstruction from CT data compared to reference optical 3D scan";
Biomedical engineering online, 17 (2018), 1; 29 pages.

English abstract:
The present study contrasts the accuracy of different reconstructed models with distinctive segmentation methods performed by various experts. Seven research groups reconstructed nine 3D models of one human femur based on an acquired CT image using their own computational methods. As a reference model for accuracy assessment, a 3D surface scan of the human femur was created using an optical measuring system. Prior to comparison, the femur was divided into four areas; "neck and greater trochanter", "proximal metaphysis", "diaphysis", and "distal metaphysis". The deviation analysis was carried out in GEOMAGIC studio v.2013 software.

Accuracy assessment, Deviation analysis, Image-based model, Bone segmentation, Shape reconstruction, Medical imaging, Round robin test

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