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H. Riedl, T. Glechner, T. Wojcik, N. Koutná, S. Kolozsvári, V. Paneta, D. Holec, D. Primetzhofer, P.H. Mayrhofer:
"Influence of carbon deficiency on phase formation and thermal stability of super-hard TaCy thin films";
Scripta Materialia, 149 (2018), 149; 150 - 154.

English abstract:
Abstract Using nonreactive sputter deposition allows the preparation of single-phase fcc structured TaCy thin films over a wide compositional range with y between 0.63 and 1.04. Among this composition range, the C-deficient TaC0.78 exhibits the highest as deposited hardness of 43.4 0.65 GPa combined with the highest thermal stability. Even after vacuum annealing to 2400 C, no vacancy-ordered or faulted Ta-C based phases can be detected. The stabilization of carbon deficient fcc structured TaCy near y of about 0.75, revealed the decisive character of vacancy engineered thin films materials for ultra-high temperature applications.

Ta-C; Thin films; Carbon vacancies; UHTC; Density Functional Theory (DFT)

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