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A. Thudt, T. Gschwandtner, J. Walny, J. Dykes, J. Stasko:
"Chapter 3. Exploration and Explanation in Data-Driven Storytelling";
in: "Data-Driven Storytelling", N. Henry Riche, C. Hurter, N. Diakopoulos, S. Carpendale (ed.); A K Peters/CRC Press, New York, 2018, ISBN: 9781138197107, 60 - 85.

English abstract:
This chapter will explore the differences between and integration of exploration and explanation in visual data-driven storytelling. Exploratory visualizations allow for a lot of freedom which can include changing the visual representation, the focus of what is being shown and the sequence in which the data is viewed. They allow readers to find their own stories in the data. Explanatory stories include a focused message which is usually more narrow and guides
the reader often in a linear way. Advantages and disadvantages of exploration and explanation as well as dimensions that help to describe and classify data-driven stories will be developed.
The space is described by identifying freedom, guidance regarding representation, focus and sequence as well as interpretation as important dimensions of data-driven storytelling and existing systems are characterized along these dimensions. Recommendations will be developed for how to integrate both aspects of exploration and explanation in data-driven stories.

Data driven, storytelling, visualization, exploration, explanation

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