Z. Kemeny, R. Beregi, J. Nacsa, R. Glawar, W. Sihn:
"Expanding production perspectives by collaborating learning factories-perceived needs and possibilities";
Procedia Manufacturing, 23 (2018), S. 111 - 116.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Collaboration across organizational, business and technological borders receives growing emphasis in industrial production due to the evolution of production networks, as well as the growing integration of different product life cycle stages. These demands receive growing attention in the learning factory community, and can be answered by the combination of courses and collaboration across several sites. The paper gives an in-progress report on such an initiative: on perceived needs and opportunities of collaboration spanning the learning factory site at TU Wien, and the premises of MTA SZTAKI in Győr and Budapest. Special emphasis is put on several collaboration types crucial to design and production in an enterprise network, such as parallel and collaborative product development, or transparency across organizational levels of different degrees of abstraction.

Production networks; collaboration; process transparency; product life-cycle

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