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P. Ferschin, M. Di Angelo, I. Erb, N. Pfeifer:
"Procedual Parametric Modeling of Balinese Architecture";
Journal of Comparative Cultural Studies in Architecture, . (2017), 10; 51 - 54.

English abstract:
Traditional Balinese architecture is based on ancient Bali-Hindu philosophy. The underlying architectural
principles are complex, containing intrinsic "parametric rules" based on both a philosophical and a building
tradition. The parameters are in relation to the religious belief system as well as being derived from
the bodily dimensions of the "head" of a building. These parametric rules were based on literature and
additional assumptions, and then implemented in a digital simulation using a shape grammar. In this
project, we aim at a procedural parametric model of traditional Balinese architecture that includes the
following aspects: a) verification with photogrammetry b) comparison of Balinese design rules with other
related cultures, and c) adaptation for contemporary architectural design needs.

Procedural modeling; parametric modeling; traditional Balinese architecture; intangible heritage; photogrammetry

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