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G. Zucker, A. Sporr, S. Kollmann, A. Wendt, L. Siafara, A. Fernbach:
"A Cognitive System Architecture for Building Energy Management";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 14 (2018), 6; 2521 - 2529.

English abstract:
-Energy systems in buildings, especially heating,
ventilation, and air conditioning are often operated inefficiently.
The key to efficiency is the building automation
and control system: this paper examines the optimization
of control strategies in building automation using a cognitive
system that operates on a knowledge base, which
provides the necessary semantic information. This system
shall generate, assess, and execute control strategies, and
find optimal control solutions. By introducing an intelligent
system that identifies specific control strategies for a building
and optimizes toward its specific usage, we achieve the
advantage of automatically generating automation and control
solutions, saving the efforts for manual adaptation. We
introduce the knowledge base and the cognitive system,
and explain the methodology and algorithms used to implement
the required functions. The approach is applied to a
building energy management use case that optimizes the
operation of a ventilation system.

Air distribution, cognitive system, energy efficiency, ontology

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