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H. Truong, N. Narendra, K. Lin:
"Notes on ensembles of IoT, network functions and clouds for service-oriented computing and applications";
Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Volume 12 (2018), Issue 1; 1 - 10.

English abstract:
Many advances have been introduced recently for service-oriented computing and applications (SOCA). The Internet of Things (IoT) has been pervasive in various application domains. Fog/Edge computing models have shown techniques that move computational and analytics capabilities from centralized data centers where most enterprise business services have been located to the edge where most customerīs Things and their data and actions reside. Network functions between the edge and the cloud can be dynamically provisioned and managed through service APIs. Microservice architectures are increasingly used to simplify engineering, deployment and management of distributed services in not only cloud-based powerful machines but also in light-weighted devices. Therefore, a key question for the research in SOCA is how do we leverage existing techniques and develop new ones for coping with and supporting the changes of data and computation resources as well as customer interactions arising in the era of IoT and Fog/Edge computing. In this editorial paper, we attempt to address this question by focusing on the concept of ensembles for IoT, network functions and clouds.

IoT · Cloud computing · Network functions · Composition · Service computing

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