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N. Karall:
"Comparative Visual Analytics in a Cohort of Breast Cancer Patients";
Poster: Epilog, Wien (invited); 2018-06-18.

English abstract:
The most common cancer among the female population in the economically developed world is breast cancer. To signifcantly reduce the mortality among affected women an early diagnosis is essential, and also treatment strategies need to be selected carefully. Clinical researchers working on the selection of chemotherapy treatment need to analyze the progress of the disease during and after treatment and to understand how diffent groups of patients respond to selected treatments. Currently this is a diffcult task because of the multitude of involved imaging and non-imaging) data, for which adequate visualizations are required. The aim of this work is to help clinical researchers, who are working on the analysis of the progress of chemotherapy, to understand and explore the multitude of data they have. To this end, the following three tasks were realized in a web-based framework: 1. Functionality for single patient follow-up studies (intra-patient study) 2. Functionality to compare two different patients (pairwise inter-patient study) 3. Functionality to compare groups of patients (groupwise inter-patient study) In the examples below, we demonstrate only the latter, as it can be considered an overset of the other two tasks.

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