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E. Gruber, L. Bergen, P. Salou, E. Lattouf, C. Grygiel, Y. Wang, A. Benyagoub, D. Levavasseur, J. Rangama, H. Lebius, B. Ban-DŽEtat, M. Schleberger, F. Aumayr:
"High resolution AFM studies of irradiated mica - Following the traces of swift heavy ions under grazing incidence";
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 30 (2018), 2850011 - 2850018.

English abstract:
High resolution AFM imaging of swift heavy ion irradiated muscovite mica under grazing
incidence provides detailed insight into the created nanostructure features. Swift heavy ions
under grazing incidence form a complex track structure along the surface, which consists of
a double track of nanohillocks at the impact site accompanied by a single, several 100 nm
long protrusion. Detailed track studies by varying the irradiation parameters, i.e. the angle
of incidence (0.2°-2°) and the kinetic energy of the impinging ions (23, 55, 75, 95 MeV) are
presented. Moreover, the track formation in dependence of the sample temperature (between
room temperature and 600 °C) and of the chemical composition (muscovite mica and
fluorphlogopite mica) is studied.

swift heavy ions, muscovite mica, high resolution AFM, ion tracks, grazing incidence, nanostructure formation

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