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R. Kuznets, L. Strassburger:
"Maehara-style Modal Nested Calculi";
Archive for Mathematical Logic, 58 (2019), 3-4; 359 - 385.

English abstract:
We develop multi-conclusion nested sequent calculi for the fifteen logics of the intuitionistic modal cube between IK and IS5. The proof of cut-free completeness for all logics is provided both syntactically via a Maehara-style translation and semantically by constructing an infinite birelational countermodel from a failed proof search. Interestingly, the Maehara-style translation for proving soundness syntactically fails due to the hierarchical structure of nested sequents. Consequently, we only provide the semantic proof of soundness. The countermodel construction used to prove completeness required a completely novel approach to deal with two independent sources of non-termination in the proof search present in the case of transitive and Euclidean logics.

Proof theory, Sequent calculus, Nested sequents, Modal logic, Intuitionistic logic, Cut elimination, Multiple conclusion, Intuitionistic modal logic

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