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R. Kuznets, B. Lellmann:
"Interpolation for Intermediate Logics via Hyper- and Linear Nested Sequents";
Talk: Advances in Modal Logic 2018, Bern, Schweiz; 2018-08-27 - 2018-08-31; in: "Advances in Modal Logic, Volume 12", G. Bezhanishvili, G. DŽAgostino, G Metcalfe, T. Studer (ed.); College Publications, (2018), ISBN: 978-1-84890-255-8; 473 - 492.

English abstract:
The goal of this paper is extending to intermediate logics the constructive proof-theoretic method of proving Craig and Lyndon interpolation via hypersequents and nested sequents developed earlier for classical modal logics. While both Jankov and Gödel logics possess hypersequent systems, we show that our method can only be applied to the former. To tackle the latter, we switch to linear nested sequents, demonstrate syntactic cut elimination for them, and use it to prove interpolation for Gödel logic. Thereby, we answer in the positive the open question of whether Gödel logic enjoys the Lyndon interpolation property.

Intermediate logics, hypersequents, linear nested sequents, interpolation, cut elimination, Gödel logic, Lyndon interpolation

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