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S. Ito, M. Poik, E. Csencsics, J. Schlarp, G. Schitter:
"Scanning Chromatic Confocal Sensor for Fast 3D Surface Characterization";
Talk: ASPE and EUSPEN Summer Topical Meeting, Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing, Berkeley (USA); 07-22-2018 - 07-25-2018; in: "Proceedings of the 2018 Summer Topical Meeting, Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing", (2018), 226 - 231.

English abstract:
This paper presents a scanning system with a
chromatic confocal displacement sensor, using
two types of actuators for fast 3-D surface char-
acterization. For raster scanning of the sensorīs
optical spot over a sample, a linear stage as the
first actuator moves the sample along the slow
scanning axis. Because the relatively large mov-
ing mass of the sample can restrict the scanning
speed of such an actuator, a galvanometer mirror
is used for the fast scanning axis, reducing the in-
ertia for the fast triangular motion. To accurately
track the motion reference for high quality imag-
ing, the galvanometer mirror is regulated by feed-
back control and modeling-free learning control.
The resulting tracking error is only 1.2 mdegrms
for 20 Hz triangular motion of 6 deg. The scan-
ning motion is used to generate a 125 125 pixel
image in 3.1 s, demonstrating the improvement of
the imaging quality. A further advantage of the
chromatic confocal sensor is confirmed by simul-
taneously imaging the topography and thickness
of a glass substrate.

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