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S. Nastic, J. Cubo, M. Donato, S. Dustdar, Ö. Jonsson, Ö. Özdemir, E. Pimentel, M. Yümlü:
"SMART-FI: Exploiting Open IoT Data from Smart Cities in the Future Internet Society";
in: "Internet of Everything: Algorithms, Methodologies, Technologies and Perspectives", Internet of Things; B. Di Martino, K. Li, L. Yang, A. Esposito (ed.); Springer, Singapore, 2018, (invited), ISBN: 978-981-10-5860-8, 153 - 173.

English abstract:
Smart Cities of the future have a potential to serve as a holistic platform for generating values from the abundance of currently untapped human, societal and ICT capital. Currently, Smart Cities are ever-stronger facing numerous challenges and a stringent need to optimize their urban processes, infrastructure and facilities, such as urban transportation and energy management. Unfortunately, at the moment, small portion of urban data is being exploited for gaining better insights and optimizing Smart City processes. In this chapter, we introduce a novel Smart City platform being developed in the context of SMART-FI project. The SMART-FI platform aims to facilitate analyzing, deploying, managing and interoperating Smart City data analytics services. Firstly, SMART-FI strives to enable collecting the data from a variety of sources, such as sensors and public data sources. Secondly, the platform provides mechanisms for homogenizing the data coming from various networks and protocols. Finally, it provides facilities to develop, deploy and orchestrate novel, added-value Smart City data analytic services. To demonstrate the practical feasibility of the proposed solutions and showcase their benefits for the variety of involved stakeholders, SMART-FI will be piloted in three cities: Malaga (Spain), Karlshamn (Sweden), and Malatya (Turkey).

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