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S. Dustdar:
"Cyber-Human Partnerships - Software Engineering Perspectives for IoT and Distributed Systems";
Keynote Lecture: 3rd International Conference on Intelligent, Interactive Systems and Applications (IISA2018), HongKong (invited); 2018-06-29 - 2018-06-30.

English abstract:
This talk explores how to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) with software, people, and systems, considering modern Cloud Computing and the IoT with Big Data. I will present a fresh look at this problem, and examine how to integrate people, software services, and things with their data, into one novel resilient ecosystem, which can be modeled, programmed, and deployed on a large scale in an elastic way. This novel paradigm has major consequences on how we view, build, design, and deploy ultra-large scale distributed systems and establishes a novel foundation for an "architecure of value" driven Smart City.

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