S. Ito, S. Troppmair, B. Lindner, F. Cigarini, G. Schitter:
"Long-range Fast Nanopositioner Using Nonlinearities of Hybrid Reluctance Actuator for Energy Efficiency";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 66 (2019), 4; 9 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
While nanopositioners often use flexures for
high quality motion avoiding nonlinearities, the achievable
motion range and energy efficiency are limited due to the
force required for positioning against the flexures. To over-
come the problem, this paper proposes a flexure-guided
nanopositioner with a nonlinear hybrid reluctance actua-
tor for a large range and energy efficiency. The actuator
has nonlinear negative stiffness that partially cancels the
flexures´ stiffness. Consequently, the nonlinearities reduce
the required current by up to 67 %. To compensate them for
high-precision motion in the entire range of 2mm, a feed-
back controller is designed, achieving a closed-loop band-
width of 640 Hz and positioning resolution of 2.48 nm(RMS).
The mechatronic system is designed such that the flexure
nonlinearity has no influence on the closed-loop stability
and bandwidth. Additionally for accurate periodic scanning
motion, modeling-free inversion-based iterative control is
combined to decrease the tracking error by a factor of
396 at most. The achieved error is 10 nm(RMS) for a 1 Hz
triangular motion of 1.6mm range and for a 100 Hz trian-
gular motion of 10 m range. The results demonstrate that
the proposed nanopositioner can play a role of both long-
stroke and high-speed scanners with the improved power

Actuators, motion control, nanoposition- ing, magnetic circuits

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