J. Schlarp, E. Csencsics, G. Schitter:
"Optical scanning of laser line sensors for 3D imaging";
Applied Optics, 57 (2018), 18; S. 5242 - 5248.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In scanning laser triangulation sensors for 3D imaging, the achievable throughput is strongly limited by the
moving mass. By realizing an optical scanning approach rather than repositioning the entire sensor, this limitation
could be reduced, leading to a reduced measurement time. This work presents sensor system geometries in
which only the optical path of a line triangulation sensor is manipulated by a tip-tilt mirror. In the proposed
rotational scanning systems, either the illumination path or both the illumination and the reflection path are
manipulated. By using ray-tracing simulation, the performance of the scanning systems are optimized and possible
disadvantages can be determined up front. Using geometric relations, the surface profile can be reconstructed
from the measured sensor data, the mirror position, and the model parameters. Experimental results show that the
image quality of the proposed rotational scanning systems is comparable to systems based on classical translational
scanning motion.

Three-dimensional sensing; Industrial optical metrology; Optomechanics; Laser sensors; Mirrors; Optical sensing and sensors

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