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E. Wetzinger, G. Futschek, B. Standl-Gruber:
"A Creative Learning Sequence in an Introductory Programming MOOC";
Talk: Constructionism 2018, Vilnius; 2018-08-20 - 2018-08-25; in: "Constructionism 2018 Proceedings", V. Dagiene, E. Jasute (ed.); (2018), ISBN: 978-609-95760-1-5; 685 - 691.

English abstract:
Since January 2017 we have designed and developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for learning computer programming, addressing high-school students without or with little experience in programming who intend to start studying at a technical University. The objective of this MOOC is to conform the heterogeneous levels of our freshmen students´ pre-knowledge in computer programming. We decided to use Processing as programming language because Processing supports an easy learning start to programming by using graphics and animations. We included already at a very early stage of the MOOC a challenging learning sequence that involves creativity, peer feedback and communication with other participants: We asked students to create a graphical artwork through coding using previously in the course presented graphical procedures. Further, we ask them to create a fake copy of an artwork coded by a peer. Finally, artists and fakers should discuss their experiences. This paper summarizes and discusses our experiences with this learning sequence gained during the first run of the MOOC in summer 2017.

creative learning sequence ; MOOC; learning computer programming

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