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T. Riel, A. Galffy, G. Schitter:
"Analysis and Robust Control of an Precision Motion Platform using Disturbance Compensation";
Talk: IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA), Copenhagen (Denmark); 08-21-2018 - 08-24-2018; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA)", (2018), 6 pages.

English abstract:
This paper presents the utilization of a disturbance
observer (DOB) with robust loop shaping filter to achieve
robust stability in presence of significant plant uncertainty. Finite
element analysis together with frequency response measurements
are used to analyze position dependent plant uncertainty.
Three different shaping filter are proposed including elliptic
filter and an adaptive notch filter. The different concepts are
implemented on a dual axis precision motion platform, which
is actuated by direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous
motors (PMSMs). Experimental validation is carried out to
investigate the performance of the system. Using the proposed
robust control, the angular precision is improved by a factor
of 2.2 from 1.03 μrad to 0.46 μrad, and this level of precision
is maintained over the entire positioning and velocity range.

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