A. Konev, I. Viola, H. Schulze, D. Cornel, J. Waser et al.:
"Fast cutaway visualization of sub-terrain tubular networks";
Computers & Graphics (eingeladen), 75 (2018), 5; S. 25 - 35.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper proposes a context-preserving 3D visualization technique for interactive view- and distance-dependent cutaway visualization that reveals the subsurface urban infrastructure network. The infrastructure itself is displayed using the procedural billboarding technique, and its internals are revealed through a new cutaway algorithm that operates directly on the procedurally generated structures in the billboard proxy geometry. Both described cutaway techniques achieve interactive frame rates for the infrastructural network of a mid-sized city. Performance benchmarks and a domain expert evaluation support the potential usefulness of this technique in general and its particular utilization for the sewer network visualization.

Cutaway visualization, Procedural billboarding, Subsurface networks

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