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S. Rizkalla, R. Prestros, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Constrained Optimization Algorithm for Designing Standard-compliant Non-galvanic HF RFID Cards";
Talk: 6th Workshop of the Radio Frequency Engineering Working Group of the Austrian Research Association (ARGE-HFT), Seefeld in Tirol; 09-06-2018 - 09-07-2018.

English abstract:
Non-galvanic HF RFID cards do not have a galvanic connection between the card's body and the Integrated Circuit (IC), in order to reduce production costs and increase card's robustness. These non-galvanic cards are more complex than conventional ones since they have more parameters. Currently, there exists no systematic design method to ensure their standard-compliance. In this work, we formulate a constrained optimization problem to calculate the parameters of such non-galvanic card that lead to a standard-compliant card, in addition to verifying the results through standardized measurements on one type of these non-galvanic cards denoted as booster-based card.

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