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C. Mecklenbräuker et al.:
"Channel Characterisation for Dependable Vehicular Connectivity at 6 and 60 GHz";
Keynote Lecture: 2018 IEEE 29th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Bologna (invited); 09-09-2018 - 09-12-2018.

English abstract:
Challenges for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are posed by the nonstationary time-frequency-selective fading processes in vehicular channels. Fortunately, the nonstationary vehicular fading may be characterized by assuming local stationarity for a finite region in the time-frequency plane. For such region, the wide-sense stationarity and uncorrelated scacering assumptions hold approximately. Thus, it makes sense to characterize the channel by a local scacering function (LSF). Estimates for the LSF from measurements collected in the DRIVEWAY´09 campaign at 5-6 GHz are discussed focusing on ITS scenarios. Subsequently, the time- frequency-varying power delay profile (PDP) and the time-frequency-varying Doppler power spectral density (DSD) are discussed. Based on these, the time-frequency-varying delay and Doppler spreads are evaluated. High delay spreads are observed in situations with rich scacering, whereas high Doppler spreads characterize drive-by scenarios. Early LSF results for 59.75-60.25 GHz millimetre wave V2V channel measurements in an urban street (Vienna, Austria) are presented. Measurements have been acquired in September 2017 with a time-domain channel sounder. Estimates for delay and Doppler profiles are evaluated from the LSF for overtaking vehicles. Passenger cars are associated with a single Doppler trajectory, whereas lorries show up in the LSF with multiple Doppler trajectories.

DSRC, IEEE 802.11p, ETSI ITS G5, Millimeter Wave

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