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A. Haret, J. P. Wallner, S. Woltran:
"Two Sides of the Same Coin: Belief Revision and Enforcing Arguments";
Talk: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Stockholm; 2018-07-13 - 2018-07-19; in: "Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence", J. Lang (ed.); IJCAI, (2018), 1854 - 1860.

English abstract:
We study a type of change on knowledge bases inspired by the dynamics of formal argumentation systems, where the goal is to enforce acceptance of certain arguments. We put forward that enforcing acceptance of arguments can be viewed as a member of the wider family of belief change operations, and that an axiomatic treatment of it is therefore desirable. In our case, laying down axioms enables a precise account of the close connection between enforcing arguments and belief revision. Our analysis of enforcing arguments proceeds by (i) axiomatizing it as an operation in propositional logic and providing a representation result in terms of rankings on sets of interpretations, (ii) showing that it stands in close relationship to belief revision, and (iii) using it as a gateway towards a principled treatment of enforcement in abstract argumentation.

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