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C. Biegler, A. Steinwender, A. Sala, W. Sihn et al.:
"Adoption of Factory of the Future technologies";
Vortrag: 2018 International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Stuttgart; 17.06.2018 - 20.06.2018; in: "Conference Proceedings ICE/IEEE ITMC 2018", (2018), ISBN: 978-1-5386-1469-3; S. 101 - 108.

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One of the main innovation potentials to maintain the long-term competitive advantages of the manufacturing sector in high-wage countries is the adoption and implementation of Factory of the Future technologies. Different types of existing Industry 4.0 maturity models open up opportunities of defining the company´s strategic position - an important starting point.
The presented impact indicator system extends those models to support the path towards the Factory of the Future. Its starting point is a qualitative evaluation of critical success factors, which allows a company to derive measures to utilize the company´s innovation potential. Based on this strategic input, the core part of the developed approach is a strategic framework for the quantitative assessment of impacts on the operational performance of a company´s value stream and innovation potential.

impact indicators, performance measurement, Factory of the Future, Industry 4.0

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