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D. Müller, C. Knoll, T. Ruh, W. Artner, Jan Welch, H. Peterlik, E. Eitenberger, G. Friedbacher, M. Harasek, P. Blaha, K. Hradil, A. Werner, P. Weinberger:
"Calcium Doping Facilitates Water Dissociation in Magnesium Oxide";
Advanced Sustainable Systems, 2 (2018), 1; 17000961 - 17000966.

English abstract:
The water dissociation ability of Ca‐doped MgO is significantly enhanced compared to pure MgO, based on a decrease in the kinetic barrier of the water dissociation step due to electronic and steric (size) effects. This allows for a complete conversion of an Mg0.9Ca0.1O phase within 80 min to the corresponding mixed hydroxide.

thermochemical energy storage; magnesium oxide; ca-dotation

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