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W. Sihn, T. Sobottka, B. Heinzl, F. Kamhuber:
"Interdisciplinary multi-criteria optimization using hybrid simulation to pursue energy efficiency through production planning";
Talk: 68th CIRP General Assembly, Tokyo; 2018-08-19 - 2018-08-25.

English abstract:
An energy-efficient production is imperative and can reduce costs. Despite the acknowledged potential to
increase energy efficiency in production systems through production planning and control (PPC),
adequate planning methods are lacking. This article presents an interdisciplinary approach for a
simulation-based multi-criteria optimization, integrating energy efficiency into PPC objectives. The
method considers production equipment together with HVAC and technical building services. It features a
novel integrated hybrid discrete/continuous simulation method enabling to accurately capture dynamic
interactions between material and energy
flows. The approach is evaluated in a case study on the food
industry, indicating potential energy efficiency gains of up to 30%.

Energy efficiency; Simulation; Optimization

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