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M Tomaselli:
"Cooperation Agreement Between The Technical University Vienna And The Ufrgs Architecture / Smart City";
Vortrag: FAUBAI 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien (eingeladen); 14.04.2018 - 18.04.2018.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Since 15 years there is a regular contact between the UFRGS in Porto Alegre and the TU Wien. Since 2005 we hold an agreement between the universities as well as the faculties of Architecture and Planning. Regular visits in Austria and Brazil by Students and Professors followed, joint workshops have been hold in both universities, publications have been exchanged. The last years we focused on urban infrastructure, smart city topics and multi-modal mobility. the presentation will include a review of the last projects as well as a preview to the planned cooperations and the presentation of a (e-)book we publish in february.

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