Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Arabanian, S. Najafi, A. Ajami, W. Husinsky, R. Massudi:
"Birefringence profile adjustment by spatial overlap of nanogratings induced by ultra-short laser pulses inside fused silica";
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, 124 (2) (2018), 1721 - 1726.

English abstract:
We have succeeded in realizing a method to control the spatial distribution of optical retardation as a result of nanogratings
in bulk-fused silica induced by ultrashort laser pulses. A colorimetry-based retardation measurement (CBRM) based on
the Michel-Levy interference color chart using a polarization microscope is used to determine the profiles of the optical
retardation. Effects of the spatial overlap of written regions as well as the energy and polarization of the writing pulses on
the induced retardations are studied. It has been found that the spatial overlap of lines written by pulse trains with different
energies and polarizations can result in an adjustment of the induced birefringence in the overlap region. This approach offers
the possibility of designing polarization-sensitive components with a desired birefringence profile.

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