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M. K. Müller, F. Ademaj, T. Dittrich, A. Fastenbauer, B. Ramos Elbal, A. Nabavi, L. Nagel, S. Schwarz, M. Rupp:
"Flexible multi-node simulation of cellular mobile communications: the Vienna 5G System Level Simulator";
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 1 (2018).

English abstract:
The investigation and prediction of new trends and technologies for mobile cellular networks is of utmost importance for researchers and network providers to quickly identify promising developments. With the verge of the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G), networks become more and more heterogeneous and dynamic while the amount of active users within a cell keeps ever increasing. Therefore, the search for more efficient network layouts and configurations attracts massive attention while on the other hand becomes more and more complex. In this contribution, we present the Vienna 5G system level simulator, which allows to perform numerical performance evaluation of large-scale multi-tier networks, with numerous types of network nodes. The simulator is based on MATLAB and is implemented in a modular fashion, to conveniently investigate arbitrary network and parameter constellations, which can be enhanced effortlessly. We first discuss the distinguishing aspects of our simulator platform, describe its structure, and then showcase its functionality by demonstrating the key aspects in more detail.

Mobile communications, 5G, System level simulations, Cellular networks, heterogeneous networks, Propagation models

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