Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

M. Pöter:
"Effective Memory Reclamation for Lock-Free Data Structures in C++";
Supervisor: J. Träff; Institute of Computer Engineering, Research Division of Parallel Computing, 2018; final examination: 2018-03-01.

English abstract:
This thesis deals with the aspect of memory reclamation in concurrent data structures. Memory management is a critical component in almost all shared-memory, concurrent data structures and algorithms, consisting in the efficient allocation and the subsequent reclamation of shared memory resources. Especially the reclamation of no longer used memory becomes a real challenge in the face of concurrent lock-free data structures, and therefore this is still a very active research topic. This work provides an extensive overview over the current state of the art, and also presents yet another reclamation scheme called Stamp-it. Some of the discussed reclamation schemes have been implemented in C++, based on a generalized, abstract interface that has been proposed for the C++ standard. The implemented schemes are: Lock-free Reference Counting, Hazard Pointers, Quiescent State-based Reclamation, Epoch-based Reclamation, New Epoch-based Reclamation and Stamp-it. A detailed discussion of these implementations is provided, including correctness arguments based on the the C++11 memory model semantics. The implemented schemes have been analyzed in an extensive, experimental evaluation, presenting results for both new and commonly used benchmarks, on four different shared-memory systems with hardware supported thread counts ranging from 48 to 512. The results show Stamp-it to be competitive with and in many cases and aspects outperforming other schemes.

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