A. Bauer, G. Bas, M.N. Durakbasa, L. Kräuter, G. Ugur-Tüncer:
"Measurement Technology & Quality & Justicia in Industry 4.0";
in: "Proceedings of the International Symposium for Production Research 2018", Springer, 2018, ISBN: 978-3-319-92267-6, S. 438 - 450.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Development and integration of advanced manufacturing technolo‐ gies in the so labelled Industry 4.0 hold the promise of benefits as well as chal‐ lenges. The need for addressing challenges lay out the requirement for the meas‐ urement & law & quality fundamentals. Industry of the future defined with guide‐ lines will not only provide the added value in industry but moreover for humanity by means of a systems approach in the new era of industry. In this study, we establish the concepts and activities required as pillars of "Justicia/Justice" by means of measurement & law & quality in advanced manufacturing operations. A universal basic model will highlight main factors and increase insight in key success players integrating future plans in a meaningful way.

Measurement, Quality, Justicia, Industry4.0, Advanced manufacturing

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