Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

T. Gamper:
"Ocean Surface Generation and Rendering";
Supervisor: M. Wimmer, A. Weidlich; E193-02, 2018; final examination: 2018-10-22.

English abstract:
The synthesis of a believable depiction of the ocean surface is a permanent topic of interest in computer graphics. It represents even more of a challenge for applications which require the real-time display of a water body as large as the ocean. That is because the ocean is a highly dynamic system which combines waves at all scales, ranging from millimetres to kilometres. Moreover, the ocean may be observed from several distances, ranging from close-ups to views which reach the horizon. Thus, we present a framework to generate and render the open ocean in real time, for arbitrary viewing distances and including waves at all scales. We focus our efforts on the geometry of the animated ocean surface, for which we leverage a set of wave spectrum models from oceanographic research. We discuss the intricacies of said models, as well as their fitness for real-time rendering. Moreover, we delineate in detail how to integrate distinct wave spectrum models into a coherent framework, from which one is able obtain believable, consistent and coherent results.

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