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M. Borkowski, C. Ritzer, D. McDonald, S. Schulte:
"Caught in Chains: Claim-First Transactions for Cross-Blockchain Asset Transfers";
Report for White Paper for PANTOS; 2018; 6 pages.

English abstract:
Blockchains, the fundamental technology upon which cryptocurrencies are implemented, have gained considerable interest in finance, economics, and research. Nevertheless, the numerous blockchains in existence remain mostly unconnected, with no possibilities for interoperability. While approaches for atomic swaps (the atomic exchange of value on two blockchains) are emerging, there is still no documented implementation of a protocol for the transfer of assets from one blockchain to another.
This white paper formalizes the cross-blockchain proof problem,
showing that in practice, it is not possible to verify the existence of specific data on one blockchain from within another blockchain. Based on this, we describe the concept of a crossblockchain asset transfer protocol using claim-first transactions. This protocol allows for decentralized transfer of assets between blockchains despite the cross-blockchain proof problem.

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